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House Moving Checklist



Before you move, have you arranged:

  • A removalist or trailer/truck hire?
  • Electricity and gas to be disconnected and re-connected?
  • Telephone and Internet services to be transferred?
  • Mail redirection with Australia Post?
  • Newspaper delivery to your new address?

After moving, do you need to notify your new address to:

  • Roads & Traffic Authority or VicRoads?
  • Electoral Commission?
  • Australian Taxation Office?
  • Bank?
  • Superannuation fund?
  • Medicare?
  • Private health insurer?
  • Employer?
  • Accountant and financial planner?
  • Doctor, dentist and other health professionals?
  • Schools?
  • Insurer?
  • Issuers of store credit cards?
  • On-line stores?

It is our pleasure to help you with the purchase of your new home.  We hope it gives you pleasure for many years to come.

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